Closeout Sale

Closeout Sale.

We’re closing out our E’leg’ants Pole Covers and Original Hose Guard products.  Below are the products we have left in stock:

E”leg”ants 4: 4″ x 750′ Roll 4 mil Fits up to 2 1/2″ leg/pole or smaller. Shipping Specs – 11″x11″x5″ – 11 lb.
Colors and quantities available:
White:  0
Black:   0
Red:     16
Blue:    20
Price: $39 per roll

E”leg”ants 6: 6″ x 750′ Roll 4 mil its Anchor/Fiesta Tents, 2x4s & 3 1/2” leg/pole or smaller. Shipping Specs – 11”x11”x7” – 14 lb.
Colors and quantities available:
White:  0
Black:   18
Red:     0
Blue:    0
Price: $49 per roll

E”leg”ants 10: 10″ x 750′ Roll 4mil fits 4” – 6” center poles and Fast-Track (rectangular) poles. Shipping Specs – 11”x11”x11” – 18 lb.
Colors and quantities available:
White:  0
Black:   4
Red:     0
Blue:    0
Price: $69 per roll

The Original HoseGuard is sold in rolls of 2″ x 750′ and will cover most paint sprayer and pressure washer hoses.
Quantity available: 8
Price: $25 per roll.

E”leg”ants Reel Steel Frame Dispenser. The Reel is designed to hold multiple rolls of 4” & 6”. The 12” wide Reel makes dispensing E”leg”ants convenient and easy. Shipping Specs – 15”x12”x10” – 3 lb.
Quantity available: 6
Price: $22 each

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10 Books For Event Planners To Add To Their Reading List.

Capterra: The Top 10 Books Every Event Manager Should Read

While I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I noticed an advertised shirt that said “Event Manager: Because ‘miracle worker’ doesn’t sound professional on a résumé.” Isn’t Facebook creepy that way?

The shirt’s quote isn’t too far off. Event managers organize staff, decide on event management software, act as idea marketers, and bring guests together in a miraculous fashion. It is virtually impossible for any event manager to know everything about these responsibilities, therefore outside help is always welcome.

Personally, I’ve almost always found the answers to my questions in books. As for you event managers out there who share in this enthusiasm, I have built a list of books that all event managers ought to read. This list was curated out of the most frequently suggested event management books on Amazon and Goodreads.

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Are Couples Avoiding Professional Wedding Photographers?

The New York Times sees a trend.

In a move to save money and contribute to the “winging it” feel, a handful of couples are relying on relatives and friends — their pockets and purses jammed with GoPro cameras, cellphones and mini iPads — to capture the bride taking that nervous breath before she walks down the aisle or the groom hugging his father, tears in their eyes.

“Two years ago, this was a conversation you never would have had,” said David Tutera, a celebrity wedding planner and the host of the TV show “David Tutera’s Celebrations.”

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Hello Magazine: Your top wedding worries – and how to solve them

Top worries, and solutions, Brides have about their wedding.

Online gift retailer asked 1,000 new brides what their biggest worries were in the lead-up to their big day – and solved them!

41 per cent worried about achieving “the perfect wedding”. Everyone’s idea of “perfect” is different. All that matters is that it’s perfect for you.

16 per cent worried that the best man would misbehave at the reception. Ask your fiancé to brief his best man on anything you won’t be happy with.

36 per cent wanted to copy weddings they had seen on social media. Don’t feel guilty about taking inspiration from others. When you put everything together, it’ll be unique to you.

Read the rest here.

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Guidepost Solutions: Olympics Lessons Learned: Is Your Event Planning Prepared For Today’s Challenges?

From Guidepost Solutions:

While millions of people across the globe watched American Michael Phelps propel himself through the pool in record speeds or Jamaican runner Usain Bolt sprint to another gold medal in the 100 meters, scores of security officials were already busy making preparations for the 2018 PyeongChang winter and the 2020 Tokyo summer games. Like other events of this size, successful event planning requires advanced security preparations, expert technical design, comprehensive due diligence and continuous operational readiness training. In the case of the Olympic Games, governments from the host country and organizing committees coordinate the security planning across the spectrum. At a different level of support, this should also be the case for all sporting and entertainment events. The lessons learned from the Olympics’ security planning and after-action analysis can serve as a model for your event security preparations.

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Anything for hire: Hiring the right wedding planner

From the Anything For Hire blog:

Planning a wedding is by far one of the most stressful tasks anyone will ever be appointed, with the logistics and itinerary being infamously difficulty. Known for taking the shine away from what a wedding is actually about it is advisable to hire a wedding planner; someone that will ensure your wedding dreams are well and truly executed.

Although a service we believe every bride should seek finding the right planner for you is essential. Here are a few top tips, we hope they help!

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Top 5 Blogs Every Event Planner Needs To Read

Top 5 Blogs Every Event Planner Needs To Read:

Event planners are the backbone of every successful event, small and large. Most of the time though planners stay behind the scene, so special event guests rarely see directly the hard work that they put in. At Brilliant Transportation we provide experiential event transportation for some of the top event planners worldwide and have first hand insight into many of the challenges they face. Forbes magazine recently listed “event coordinator” as one of “The 10 Most Stressful Jobs for 2016”- at no surprise to anyone in the industry. Special event and conference trends are constantly changing and new insight is often gained by industry professionals sharing their experiences on blogs. Numerous online publications post blogs discussing findings, best practices and future trends. In order to give experiential event planners a leg up, we created a list of the leading event, meeting and conference blogs you should follow.

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Pinterest: 5 Tips for Event Planning on a Budget

Pinterest has tons of tips, ideas, and inspiration for wedding and event planners. Follow this link to a board with plenty of all of that.

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BizBash: Why You Should Add Walking to Your Next Meeting or Event

The ‘walk and talk’ helps people at meetings learn more:

The next time you have to organize a meeting or conference, take note: The most beneficial strategy may be to have participants walk as they talk. A recent study conducted by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine found that a walking meeting can boost participants’ health, mood, and productivity.

Jeff Hurt, executive vice president for education and engagement at Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, says this latest study reinforces what brain researchers have been declaring for some time: Our bodies are made to move. “Learning is not equivalent to the amount of time your butt sits in a chair and listens,“ he says. “It’s actually directly correlated to how much thinking you do. And the more you can move your body during the thinking process, the higher the retention and recall process is of your learning. The longer you sit, the less you retain, the less you recall, the less you’re listening.”

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WalesOnline: Rugby player with love of history brings ancient Rome to Wales for his unsuspecting bride

Former Newport Gwent Dragons winger Matthew Pewtner planned the biggest day of his new wife Zoe’s life for TV show Don’t Tell the Bride:

A former rugby player with a love of history brought a touch of ancient Rome to Wales for his unsuspecting bride on their wedding day.

Matthew Pewtner, 25, and his wife Zoe, 23, from Blackwood, are set to appear in TV show Don’t Tell the Bride on Thursday.

The Sky One show sees the groom taking the sole responsibility for organising the wedding – with the bride-to-be left in suspense until the big day.

Teacher Matthew, who used to play for the Newport Gwent Dragons but retired this year due to a concussion injury, proposed to beauty therapist Zoe at Bellini’s in Cardiff Bay – their favourite restaurant.

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