Marketing In Uncertain Times

At Cvent’s Event Planning blog, they have some advice for marketing during troubling economic times:

-Really work hard to measure the bottom line value of business meetings and event planning services.
-Contact repeat customers and every client with which your company has done business in the past 3 years. Find out their needs and update them about new offerings.
-Contact prospective clients that have requested a proposal in the last 3 years. New opportunities may be emerging .
-Study business articles to identify and target growing and companies.
-Scrutinize marketing expenditures. Discontinue low-yield activities.
-Augment on-line and social media marketing with off-line marketing.
-Connect with hotels, resorts, event venues, and catering firms to identify special packages to market to clients.
-Never cut pricing for existing services. You’ll be stuck with them when the economy recovers.
-Launch and market brand new, affordable service, and time-limited service bundles.
-Set aside 5 – 10% of revenue to enrich the marketing budget.

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