Scott: Project Manage Your Event Planning

Over at, Lindsay Scott says event planning is a lot like project management:

The simplest lesson we learnt, one that made us change our whole event management approach, was that team members needed to know where we were within the plan, what each of us needed to do, and when each task was due (and without the stress and hassle!) Using a simple event planning project schedule, we created clarity amongst the voluntary team. Everyone had access to the schedule; they could see their assignments and understand the impacts any late deliveries would produce. What proved especially helpful was for volunteers to be able to share progress notes and add documents – a godsend when you have no easily accessible central storage area.

The schedule also created a sense of urgency. For anyone who has worked in a voluntary group like this you’ll be well aware of the differences between people’s work commitment when they’re being paid for it (their day job) and when it’s something they do in their spare time (along with all of their other personal commitments)

It’s a good article that’s well worth your time.

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