BlogHer: 12 Things Not to Freak Out About While Planning Your Wedding

From the online pages of BlogHer, advice to brides to chill out and not freak out.

So as you all know, we’re in the midst of wedding planning. Which, if we’re being honest, is the equivalent to becoming bipolar overnight because you’re both exhilarated and terrified – excited to be marrying this great guy who totally gets you, but terrified that the Wedding Police will show up at your door to tell you that you’re doing it all wrong.

Also, you may find yourself vaguely relating to Carrie from “Homeland” and being like “That lithium thing really seems to do the trick!”

I mean, there’s the rational, sane part of you that’s like “Suck it, WP, I’m doing things my way!” And then there’s the irrational bride part of you that’s like “Oh my God I need to order reception sparklers for everyone to carry around at the reception when CB and I leave the grounds!”

No, Bipolar Bride, you do not. It just looks really cool on Pinterest and in The Great Gatsby because that’s how Pinterest and Baz Luhrmann operate. DO NOT ORDER 200 SPARKLERS FROM THEKNOT.COM. Put down your laptop and move away slowly.

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