Startup Wedding Planner To Use Software To Do Away With “Bridezillas”

Interesting concept from this new wedding planning company.

Aisle Planner is a startup that offers on-demand software that provides planning and collaboration tools for professional and DIY wedding planners. Initially aimed as a platform solely for professional planners, Aisle Planner has become a resource to fill in the gap between wedding professionals and brides-to-be. Through Aisle Planner, brides are able to discover inspirations, locate various wedding resources and vendors, and plan out the wedding on their own. But more importantly, Aisle Planner serves as a collaboration tool that allows these brides to connect with wedding planners to help them organize the weddings of their dreams. The platform’s publishing dashboard allows planners to essentially upload their wedding portfolios and allow brides to find inspiration from their work and hopefully work with them.

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