Event Planning Business With 1152 Complaints Still In Business.

It’s hard to imagine they still have customers. This gives new meaning to the phrase buyer beware.

In January, Barstow gave the company a $125 down payment to provide table linens and chair covers for her Aug. 29 wedding. The company representative who called Barstow on Friday told her that Creative Creations was moving forward with the contract to provide those items.

“I told them I no longer had confidence in them and I wanted a refund,” said Barstow, 30. The representative “reminded me that my deposit was nonrefundable.” Barstow said she plans to dispute the charge with her credit card company and hire another planner.

While consumer complaints have focused on the firm’s travel voucher program, it’s not clear how many customers hired Creative Creations to provide special event services.

The Better Business Bureau in Omaha has received 1,152 complaints related to the company’s travel voucher program. Alleged losses related to those complaints total $953,000, Jim Hegarty, president of the area BBB said Friday.

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