Grooms Play A Role In Wedding Planning.

The times they are a-changing.

So goes the dilemma of many modern-day grooms. No longer on the sidelines, they’re ready, willing and able to participate, but what’s a groom to do when he hasn’t been planning every detail of his dream wedding since boyhood, has never shopped for or worn a tuxedo and doesn’t know his carats from his karats?

“My advice for all you grooms out there? Listen to your bride. She knows what she’s talking about. If she tells you that at the eight-month mark you should have picked a venue, she’s right. If she’s droning on about getting your frat brothers’ addresses for save-the-dates, you really need to get them to her. And never, I repeat, never call her a bridezilla,” advises the 26-year-old MacHugh, who’s getting hitched Oct. 10.

Some grooms are happy to leave the details to their partners, said Kristen Ley, a “wedding broker” who works with couples and vendors in the Atlanta area. But if you want an active groom in the lead-up, get him in the planning loop from the get-go, she urges.

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