Experts Share Cringe-worthy Wedding Moments.

From the Republican-American in Waterbury, CT:

Bad toasts: Omaha, Neb., photographer Phil Jarrett ( ) on toasts: “Hands down, the single greatest source of dread for me as a guest and as a regular hired hand at weddings is the toasts. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard best men bring up ex-girlfriends, fathers wax poetic about the importance of outdated gender roles and bridesmaids mention that they Googled how to give a toast.”

Clinking glasses for a kiss: Of course, you’ll want to kiss your brand-new spouse, but “no one really enjoys being put on the spot,” said Kellee Khalil, founder of wedding planning site

Why aren’t you married? Male and female guests alike, if they’re unmarried, can expect to hear this at least once, Khalil said: “So when will this be you?”

Bouquet toss: Many single women dread the moment they’re called to line up and attempt to catch flying flowers. Deborah Simmons, wedding planner at event organizer Signature Occasions ( ) in Ridgeland, Miss., said brides often scratch the bouquet toss. Instead, she said, “some casually toss the bouquet as they are getting in the car.”

Garter toss: Harrup said the garter toss is awkward. “If you think about it, it really is strange that the groom is sticking his hands up the bride’s dress in front of her grandmother.”

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