Peatix Blog: Event organisers, this is the one mistake you should never make

Know your audience!

To not know your audience well is the biggest mistake you can make in event organising.
On the flip side, to drive the point home: to know your audience well is to set your event up for success.

We’ll elaborate.

Events are hard work, often endeavours fuelled by passion to get others excited about a cause, an activity, an interest, a business, or a movement. Think about it, why do you organise your events? Most, if not all of you, would agree that it comes back to being a people-centric affair – we organise events with others in mind, to inspire action, teach a skill, share knowledge, build a community, and so on.

Given the people-centric nature of events, it only makes sense that at every point of the event planning process, your target audience is kept in mind – their demographic, interests, motivations, and behaviour, so as to craft an event that will capture their attention and attendance.

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