Special Events: Top Tech Apps For Event Pros

Part 1:

Scheduling: Save yourself the headache of going back and forth with clients to get a meeting on the calendar. With apps like Doodle and Calendly, you can leave the decision up to them–they’ll see your schedule and be able to schedule a meeting whenever you’re free. The app will then update your calendar and let you know you have a new meeting.

Part 2:

Social Media: Ah, social media–we love it and we hate it. While it’s certainly an extremely useful method of reaching out to people and staying connected with your target audience, it can take up some major time (not even counting the time spent distractedly scrolling!).

Instead of allocating your precious minutes to posting multiple times per day, social media management apps such as HootSuite, Buffer and Sprinklr are great for keeping all of your social media in one place. Once your accounts are synced, you can preschedule as much as you want!

Another method to the madness is IFTTT (If This Then That), which allows you to create recipes to automate your social media. For example, you can set something up that automatically posts to Pinterest every time you add a photo to Google Drive or share something on Instagram–talk about convenient!

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