Event Manager Blog: 10 Lessons from Comic-Con for Event Professionals

Event Manager Blog:

Managing large-scale events is a massive undertaking in timing, crowd control, and security but there’s a lot more to learn from Comic-Con than just handling people. Comic-Con delights and surprises. Check out these suggestions from Con for improving any size event.
Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) is like walking into the Emerald City if the Emerald City was in Gotham and the Wizard of Oz was played by Wonder Woman. It’s vast, and you can’t possibly see everything you want to, even with press credentials. Sessions overlap and lines are not only a daytime occurrence. If you want to ensure your ability to get in to see some drooled-over and much anticipated screenings of comic book heroes brought to life, you should probably get in line now for next year (but don’t. The event is over, nothing more to see. Move on).

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