Experts Review The Olympic Opening Ceremony

From BizBash:

They did an amazing job with the use of some key set and theatrical pieces, puppetry, pyrotechnics, and lighting, but the success overall was in the use of projection—which was done brilliantly. It made this low-budget production feel like it had all the money in the world, particularly when it worked with the dancers and various forms of scrim and fabric. For example, although reminiscent of Missy Elliott’s puffy trash bag suit in her late ‘90s ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ video, the use of the projection floor with the silver dancers was stunning.

I would’ve used the projection screen to highlight Gisele Bündchen’s final catwalk to make it look less like watching someone take a very long, boring walk. Maybe light her path in some dynamic way or do something creative to each step she took, or even have lighting and projection interact with her movement more.

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