Guidepost Solutions: Olympics Lessons Learned: Is Your Event Planning Prepared For Today’s Challenges?

From Guidepost Solutions:

While millions of people across the globe watched American Michael Phelps propel himself through the pool in record speeds or Jamaican runner Usain Bolt sprint to another gold medal in the 100 meters, scores of security officials were already busy making preparations for the 2018 PyeongChang winter and the 2020 Tokyo summer games. Like other events of this size, successful event planning requires advanced security preparations, expert technical design, comprehensive due diligence and continuous operational readiness training. In the case of the Olympic Games, governments from the host country and organizing committees coordinate the security planning across the spectrum. At a different level of support, this should also be the case for all sporting and entertainment events. The lessons learned from the Olympics’ security planning and after-action analysis can serve as a model for your event security preparations.

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