Top 5 Blogs Every Event Planner Needs To Read

Top 5 Blogs Every Event Planner Needs To Read:

Event planners are the backbone of every successful event, small and large. Most of the time though planners stay behind the scene, so special event guests rarely see directly the hard work that they put in. At Brilliant Transportation we provide experiential event transportation for some of the top event planners worldwide and have first hand insight into many of the challenges they face. Forbes magazine recently listed “event coordinator” as one of “The 10 Most Stressful Jobs for 2016”- at no surprise to anyone in the industry. Special event and conference trends are constantly changing and new insight is often gained by industry professionals sharing their experiences on blogs. Numerous online publications post blogs discussing findings, best practices and future trends. In order to give experiential event planners a leg up, we created a list of the leading event, meeting and conference blogs you should follow.

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