Felicity International, Inc sells three main product lines:

Felicity Tents is an Associate of US made Ohenry Tents, manufacturers of high quality Pole Tents, Frame Tents, and High Peak Tents.

The Elegants Disposable Tent Pole Cover is an affordable addition to your tent decor lineup. Made of durable polyethylene, the Elegants Disposable Tent Pole Covers are sold in 4″, 6″, and 10″ widths to cover almost all sizes of tent poles.

Elegants Disposable Tent Pole Covers have been used by over 200 Event Rental Companies and Party Planners across the United States and Canada. By simply sliding the cover over the tent pole you can add a cost effective touch of class to your Client’s special events.

The Original HoseGuard is a paint sprayer and pressure washer hose protection system. The Original HoseGuard reduces clean up time, saves on cleaning supplies and is fast and easy to install.