Eventopedia: 5 Lessons The Olympics Can Teach EventProfs

The good, the bad, and the ugly from Rio offers lessons for event planners:

Even the Greatest Show on Earth has to concentrate on getting event marketing right, and – some would argue – that the 2016 Olympics in Rio has failed in respect to its destination marketing, which is an integral part of the Olympic event marketing. Indeed, Travel and Leisure CRM Finding Friday wrote a blog at the beginning of August claiming that Rio has “destroyed its own image and failed in destination marketing“, and it’s hard to argue when you see the number of empty seats in some of the Olympic stadia.

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Maximizing An Event’s Social Media Impact

Some good tips here on how to get your event attendees talking about your event on social media:

¤ Make sure your company and event websites are responsively designed. Your websites are a principal means of promotion and should be as easily visible on any screen size from a small smart phone to an HD TV.

¤ Display your mobile social channels prominently on the event site.

¤ Integrate mobile social media channels with registration. Encourage attendee to share they registered on their social channels using automated tools to do so.

¤ Make sure your event app has strong integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Event apps vary in quality and there are significant differences on how well they handle various social channels.

Read the rest.

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Eventbrite: How to Gracefully Cancel an Event

From Eventbrite’s blog:

We all know that unforeseen circumstances can get in the way of an event. Maybe your venue cancels on you at the last minute, or bad weather puts your attendees’ safety at risk.

As part of Eventbrite’s customer experience team, I know event cancellations happen to the best of us. But when cancellations aren’t handled gracefully, we’ve had upwards of 50 attendees reach out to us for support — all for a single event! On the other hand, a well-done cancellation can actually showcase the integrity of your brand.

So what should you do when faced with the difficult decision to cancel an event? Here are some tips to help you turn an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to delight, and show above-and-beyond customer service.

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BizBash:5 Crowd-Sourcing Apps for Events

From BizBash:

Thanks to a host of resourceful crowd-sourcing apps, eventgoers are now sharing more than just the live experiences with their fellow attendees. From carpooling to even CPR assistance, here’s a look at some apps harnessing people power.

With CrowdFlik, concertgoers and partiers can share their smartphone videos to create a more comprehensive view of the action. First users check into an event, then they upload their video clips from that event. The app organizes the shared videos based on location and time, enabling users to create a new video—or “flik”—with the crowd-sourced footage. The goal is to replicate professional event videos, which are usually recorded from multiple angles, using the clips.

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Genioso Event Magazine: 6 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Event’s Security

Genioso Event Magazine:

As the organiser of an event, you’re going to be faced with numerous challenges, and one that should be a top priority is safety. Outdoor events tend to cover a much bigger area than indoor events, which requires more planning and depending on the type of crowd, more advanced security.

It’s important to make sure both yourself as the organiser, and the attendees feel confident that the event is secure. Here are some ways to improve your outdoor event’s security.

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Event Manager Blog: 10 Lessons from Comic-Con for Event Professionals

Event Manager Blog:

Managing large-scale events is a massive undertaking in timing, crowd control, and security but there’s a lot more to learn from Comic-Con than just handling people. Comic-Con delights and surprises. Check out these suggestions from Con for improving any size event.
Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) is like walking into the Emerald City if the Emerald City was in Gotham and the Wizard of Oz was played by Wonder Woman. It’s vast, and you can’t possibly see everything you want to, even with press credentials. Sessions overlap and lines are not only a daytime occurrence. If you want to ensure your ability to get in to see some drooled-over and much anticipated screenings of comic book heroes brought to life, you should probably get in line now for next year (but don’t. The event is over, nothing more to see. Move on).

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Wahl Tets: Five Good Tips to Keep in Mind with Event Structures

From Wahl Tents:

1. Be in good company! Pick an outdoor event structure company that has earned a sterling, solid reputation for what they do! You want your structure to be solid and safe, that is always a priority. Use the web to do your homework. Be sure to check the online reputation, feedback and customer testimonials of the company you are hiring.

2. Mother Nature is always boss! We cannot stress this enough – always, always check the weather. Be prepared for the appropriate weather conditions, plan wisely! Your guests will love you for it, and the event structure company will provide what is needed for your event and the weather.

3. Watch your space! Plan accordingly for the number of guests, type of food and dining, dancing, music, work space for caterers and vendors, and restrooms and the like. Keep in mind special considerations you may need if you have any physically challenged guests attending your event. Share all of this important information with your event structures company. We at Wahl Tents always make it a point to ask our customers about specifics and special needs even if our customers don’t always remember to share vital information such as this with us. This is where the experience counts.

4. Don’t gamble on the details! When choosing your event structures company, don’t only hire a company which will simply erect a tent or a structure for you. Ask such questions as: What is their safety record? Are all safety standards adhered to? Are there proper fire exits? What about in case of severe wind? Will the guests bee too warm, too cold? What about heating, air conditioning? Dance floor? Lights? Details add up to put on a great event, pay attention to the details!

5. Image is important, always! This is your special event! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise or shortchange you. Make sure the event structure company puts up a clean, sturdy, impressive looking structure, be it a clear-span structure or a regular tent. When the guests walk in, you don’t want it to look dirty, crumbled or like the cat dragged it in. Impressions matter. Make a great one with Wahl Tents! We look into details like pole coverings, appropriate lighting, linens, tables, chairs, and all the trimmings.

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BizBash: 5 Tips for Planning a Stellar Presidential Inauguration Event

From BizBash:

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States, the events in and around the January 20, 2017, inauguration will involve a turnaround time of less than two months. Figuring out how to navigate the tight timeline under unique security and budget circumstances was the topic of a panel titled “What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know About the 2017 Presidential Inauguration” at Elevate D.C., which took place Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

The panelists were Occasions Caterers owner and creative director Eric Michael; Steve Kerrigan, the former president of the Presidential Inaugural Committee, who planned both of President Obama’s inaugurations; and Hargrove vice president of events Ron Bracco.

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Experts Review The Olympic Opening Ceremony

From BizBash:

They did an amazing job with the use of some key set and theatrical pieces, puppetry, pyrotechnics, and lighting, but the success overall was in the use of projection—which was done brilliantly. It made this low-budget production feel like it had all the money in the world, particularly when it worked with the dancers and various forms of scrim and fabric. For example, although reminiscent of Missy Elliott’s puffy trash bag suit in her late ‘90s ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ video, the use of the projection floor with the silver dancers was stunning.

I would’ve used the projection screen to highlight Gisele Bündchen’s final catwalk to make it look less like watching someone take a very long, boring walk. Maybe light her path in some dynamic way or do something creative to each step she took, or even have lighting and projection interact with her movement more.

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BizBash: See How This Sorority Staged the World’s Largest Plated Dinner

From BizBash:

When members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. gathered about 22,000 people in Atlanta for its 67th Boule Dinner on July 13, they set a Guinness World Record for the largest plated dinner—breaking a mark the organization previously set in 2008. The dinner, which took place at Georgia World Congress Center, was part of the organization’s biennial conference July 9 to 14. Levy Restaurants, Georgia World Congress Center’s dining partner, brought in chefs and servers from across the United States to assist with the event.

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