New App Helps Brides-To-Be

From ABC6 in Indianapolis:

A former Colts cheerleader turned her own frustrations and stresses while preparing to get married into an app to help other brides-to-be.

Christina and Matt Goebel celebrated a fairytale wedding at the Indiana Roof Ballroom in August 2013. But before their special day, they realized there is a lot more to planning a wedding than meets the eye.

“When I first got engage, you know, like most brides I didn’t know where to start,” Goebel said. “I was really overwhelmed and stressed.”

Goebel was working full-time and also cheering for the Colts, so she went online to look for tools to help her plan.

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“6 Steps To The Perfect Wedding”

Via The Federalist:

The wedding is not about you. However, like all other spheres of life, it is up to you to take care of yourself. Your happiness is not dependent on your fiancé, wedding planner, or florist. Do what you need to keep your spirits up, your energy level reasonable, and your smile bright. Eat. Sleep. Take time away from the preparations.

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Special Events: Top Tech Apps For Event Pros

Part 1:

Scheduling: Save yourself the headache of going back and forth with clients to get a meeting on the calendar. With apps like Doodle and Calendly, you can leave the decision up to them–they’ll see your schedule and be able to schedule a meeting whenever you’re free. The app will then update your calendar and let you know you have a new meeting.

Part 2:

Social Media: Ah, social media–we love it and we hate it. While it’s certainly an extremely useful method of reaching out to people and staying connected with your target audience, it can take up some major time (not even counting the time spent distractedly scrolling!).

Instead of allocating your precious minutes to posting multiple times per day, social media management apps such as HootSuite, Buffer and Sprinklr are great for keeping all of your social media in one place. Once your accounts are synced, you can preschedule as much as you want!

Another method to the madness is IFTTT (If This Then That), which allows you to create recipes to automate your social media. For example, you can set something up that automatically posts to Pinterest every time you add a photo to Google Drive or share something on Instagram–talk about convenient!

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Peatix Blog: Event organisers, this is the one mistake you should never make

Know your audience!

To not know your audience well is the biggest mistake you can make in event organising.
On the flip side, to drive the point home: to know your audience well is to set your event up for success.

We’ll elaborate.

Events are hard work, often endeavours fuelled by passion to get others excited about a cause, an activity, an interest, a business, or a movement. Think about it, why do you organise your events? Most, if not all of you, would agree that it comes back to being a people-centric affair – we organise events with others in mind, to inspire action, teach a skill, share knowledge, build a community, and so on.

Given the people-centric nature of events, it only makes sense that at every point of the event planning process, your target audience is kept in mind – their demographic, interests, motivations, and behaviour, so as to craft an event that will capture their attention and attendance.

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A Practical Wedding: How Do You Rent A Wedding Tent?

A good primer on the need for wedding tents and how to decide which is best for your wedding:

It’s important to factor in whether you will need to rent a wedding tent early on in the planning process. When you’re looking at venues, you’ll want to factor the pricing of the tent into any venue that doesn’t have indoor options. Essentially, if you’re considering outdoor venues and there is more than a remote chance of inclement weather on your wedding date (I think pretty much the entire Eastern Seaboard?), renting a tent should be lumped into the “book your venue” task on your to-do list. Tents can sometimes be expensive (depending on a number of factors we’ll talk about below), so you’ll want to factor it into the budget before you fall in love with your dream venue.

Okay, so now what?


If you’re early in your planning process, you may not have exact numbers yet, and you may not have determined what style of party you plan on hosting (sit-down, buffet, cocktail, punch and pie, etc.). However, you’ll want a rough estimate at this point to get a price quote.

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Tulane Alums Write App To Keep Wedding Events On Schedule


When Tulane University alumni Allison Shipp and Jonathan Brouk were married in New Orleans on Oct. 17, 2015, they opted to use an innovative wedding-planning tool, WedTexts, a website and app that allow engaged couples to communicate easily with their wedding guests through pre-scheduled text messages.

Allison Shipp Brouk (who graduated from the Tulane School of Liberal Arts in 2008 and the Tulane School of Law class of 2011) is an environmental and natural resource damages attorney and Jonathan Brouk (School of Liberal Arts class of 2007) is a corporate attorney with a focus in the healthcare industry. They were pressed for time to coordinate the wedding.

“WedTexts was a huge help during our wedding weekend,” says Jonathan Brouk. “Most of our guests were from out of town, and with so much to compete with here in New Orleans, we were thrilled to have WedTexts to help keep everyone on track. Scheduling the texts in advance allowed us to focus on our big day and not have to worry about whether people remembered the ‘when and where’ of the weekend’s events.”

Visit WedTexts website.

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Special Events: Best ways to efficiently collaborate with your vendor team

Four things to help you collaborate with your vendors for a successful event:

An event is only as strong as its vendor team. If you are looking to create successful and seamless events, smart organization and keen awareness are key to success. However, efficiency is another hugely important aspect of your event business that often gets lost in the shuffle, costing you and your team unnecessary time, stress and money.

At AllSeated, we have worked with experienced event professionals to understand how to help improve the way we collaborate and bring more efficiency to the event industry. We have seen that no matter the size of your team, certain changes in how you structure your team’s collaboration are almost guaranteed to improve your team’s efficiency and with it move your company to the next level.

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Experts Share Cringe-worthy Wedding Moments.

From the Republican-American in Waterbury, CT:

Bad toasts: Omaha, Neb., photographer Phil Jarrett ( ) on toasts: “Hands down, the single greatest source of dread for me as a guest and as a regular hired hand at weddings is the toasts. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard best men bring up ex-girlfriends, fathers wax poetic about the importance of outdated gender roles and bridesmaids mention that they Googled how to give a toast.”

Clinking glasses for a kiss: Of course, you’ll want to kiss your brand-new spouse, but “no one really enjoys being put on the spot,” said Kellee Khalil, founder of wedding planning site

Why aren’t you married? Male and female guests alike, if they’re unmarried, can expect to hear this at least once, Khalil said: “So when will this be you?”

Bouquet toss: Many single women dread the moment they’re called to line up and attempt to catch flying flowers. Deborah Simmons, wedding planner at event organizer Signature Occasions ( ) in Ridgeland, Miss., said brides often scratch the bouquet toss. Instead, she said, “some casually toss the bouquet as they are getting in the car.”

Garter toss: Harrup said the garter toss is awkward. “If you think about it, it really is strange that the groom is sticking his hands up the bride’s dress in front of her grandmother.”

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Event Planning Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

Good event planning advice from Sarah Hill.

Event planning business is stressful enough as it is – the sheer volume of things to take care of can make even the best of pro’s feel overwhelmed.

Therefore if one wants to have any change to survive in the industry, the one most important word is preparation. Taking enough time initially to figure out what the event should be about and finding the right venue is a big part of the job. But then, ensuring that even if something does go wrong the event doesn’t fall part, is just as important.

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Brides And Grooms Burdened With Wedding Debt.

From the UK Daily Record. Sure it’s from UK but you can be sure this is a universal problem.

According to new research, 43 per cent of couples say they regret getting into debt to fund their big day.

Scots borrow an average of £3050 for their wedding and more than a quarter of couples are still making repayments six years later.

The pressure to have the perfect dream wedding or civil partnership ceremony is leading a quarter of Scots couples to borrow cash, according to Debt Advisory Centre Scotland.

But with debt being one of the leading causes of relationship problems, experts warn couples should think seriously about racking up bills for one day.

Perhaps a chat with Dave Ramsey would help.

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